2 Advantages Of Installing A Spray Foam Roofing System On Your Commercial Building's Flat Roof

Posted on: 27 March 2020

If you own a commercial building that has an asphalt flat roof that is deteriorating, you may be getting ready to have it redone. However, before you start the process of having a roof installed using the same material, you might want to consider a couple of the benefits of installing a foam roofing system instead.

1.  Foam Roofs Are Seamless

One major advantage of using a foam system for your building's flat roof is that the finished roof is seamless. Asphalt-based roofs typically have multiple seams. 

When first installed, a typical asphalt roof has tight seams that makes it virtually waterproof. However, over the years, the seams will start to wear down and deteriorate, which leads to leaks as well as water pooling on the flat roof that leads to even more deterioration.

However, a foam roof does not have seams that wear down over time. This greatly decreases the possibility of water leaks because of the lack of potential openings on the roof. 

2.  Foam Is More Durable Than Asphalt-Based Roofs

Another benefit of using foam over asphalt for your commercial building's flat roof is that foam tends to be more durable than asphalt. While both materials are subjected to adverse weather conditions and direct sunlight, foam tends to hold up better.

When new, asphalt-based roofs are solid and strong. However, the UV rays of the sun will dry the asphalt out over time, creating cracks in the material. Then, when water, snow, and ice settle in the cracks, expansion caused by rapid temperature changes can make the cracks larger, causing the asphalt to crumble.

However, the rays of the sun do not affect foam roofs as badly or quickly as asphalt. Most foam roofs have UV protection built into the material, which helps to protect the roof from sun damage longer than asphalt.

And, since the foam is pliable, it moves slightly so that moisture and dramatic temperatures changes do not cause immediate damage as they would with the rigid, brittle asphalt of most flat roofs. This results in the foam lasting longer than asphalt-based materials.

Along with the above advantages, a foam roof also typically takes less time to install than an asphalt one. If you have decided that you wish to learn more about other benefits of a foam roof as well as what is involved in its installation, contact a roofing company that offers foam roofing system installation services.