4 Different Types Of Commercial Roofing Solutions And Choosing The System That Is Right For Your Business

Posted on: 13 April 2020

There are many options for commercial roofing materials that you can have installed on your business, and you want to choose the right solutions for your building. These can be lightweight membranes for smaller lightweight structures, asphalt, spray foam, and green roof designs. The following guide will help you understand the different options for commercial roofing and choosing the best solution for the needs of your business:

1. Commercial Green Roof Systems That Help Add Greenspace to Roofs in Urban Environments

If your business is in an urban environment, green roof systems can provide energy benefits, as well as improve the efficiency of older buildings. These are systems that are a combination of roofing membranes, drainage, and soil that can be planted with plants. They can also have hardscaping and outdoor landscaping features added to them to make the most of the rooftop real estate in an urban environment.

2. Spray Foam Roof Systems for Commercial Buildings That Need More of a Thermal Barrier

Another option that you will want to consider for commercial roof systems is spray foam. These spray foam roofs are a layer of foam insulation that is sealed with a roof coating. These are durable and affordable systems that are ideal for commercial buildings that need more thermal barriers for refrigerated space and other needs. They can help improve the efficiency of any building with refrigeration and HVAC systems.

3. Roofing Membranes That Can Be Used for Lightweight Structures and Cool Roof Systems in Warmer Climates

Membranes are a common type of roofing system that is used for lightweight commercial buildings. These systems can be light-colored, which helps to improve the energy efficiency of buildings that are in warmer climates. In addition, roofing membranes are also an affordable commercial solution that is easy to maintain.

4. Conventional Asphalt Roofs for Commercial Buildings That Need Repairs or Resurfacing of Existing Roofing

The older commercial buildings are often made of heavier construction that supports asphalt roofing. Over time, these roofs wear and need to be repaired. When the roof is too difficult to repair, it is going to need to be resurfaced with new asphalt materials.

These are some of the different choices of commercial roofing materials that you can have installed on the roof of your business. If you need a new roof, contact a commercial roofing contractor and talk to them about some of these solutions for the needs of your business.