You Don't Want Santa To Discover These Problems Up On The Rooftop

Posted on: 28 May 2020

Santa ventures up on the rooftop to drop presents down the chimney. The least you can do is provide him with a stable surface to walk on, right? After all, if a roof is too damaged for Santa to stand on, it's probably not going to do a good job of protecting your home. So what are the issues you don't want Santa to discover on your roof? Take a look.

Lost Granules

The granules are the little chunks of asphalt that are glued to the outside of the shingles. They help the shingles drain, and they also give the shingles texture. Granules start falling away as the shingles age. Once this starts happening, the shingles become unable to protect themselves, and you'll need a new roof soon after. Since you're not Santa and you probably won't be walking across the roof, there's an easier way to look for lost granules. Check your gutters. This is where the granules end up after they get washed off the shingles.

Missing Flashing

Flashing is the metal that your roofer places around the chimney and the vent hoods. It helps keep water from seeping down around the vents and chimneys. Flashing sometimes gets blown off the roof in high winds, especially once it's age and has started to rust. Luckily, you can spot missing flashing as easily as Santa. You don't have to get up close to the chimney to do it; you just have to climb up a ladder high enough to see the chimney. If there's no metal surrounding the base of the chimney, you need to contact a roofer and have that taken care of!

Algae or Moss

Santa likes the color green, but he doesn't like to see it on the roof. Algae and mold do more than make your roof slick. The moss, especially, causes the shingles to break down prematurely. Algae discolors the shingles over time, leaving stains that can't be removed. If Santa spots mold or algae on your roof, or if you spot mold or algae on your roof, call a roofing contractor. It's best to let a professional remove the growth since doing so without causing damage can be pretty tough.

If you want Santa to keep climbing up on your roof to leave presents, then your roof had better be in good shape. Contact a roofer if you think you may have missing granules, lost flashing, or algae or moss growth.