Roof Repairs Your Home Might Need After It Has Been Damaged By Strong Winds Or Hail During A Storm

Posted on: 28 September 2020

When your asphalt roof is damaged in a storm, your first question might be if you should have repairs done or just replace the whole roof. A roofing contractor can give you the best answer after examining your roof, but when it's possible, repairs are a good option since they save you money. Here's a look at some roof repairs you might need after a storm.

Repair Holes In The Roof Deck

Storm damage often affects only the shingles, but if a big limb crashes on your roof or if gutters get ripped out by strong wind and damage the edge of your roof, the roofer might need to make repairs to the deck as well as the shingles.

If the damage is confined to a small part of your home, the roofer might just cut out the damaged portion of decking or the damaged fascia boards, and then put new shingles on once the repairs are done.

Cover Damage To Stop A Leak

The roof repairs needed depend on your individual circumstances and are aimed at preventing future roof leaks. If your roof is leaking due to the storm damage, the roofer might make emergency repairs or cover the damaged area so rain can't get in until repairs can be completed.

Put New Shingles Where Old Ones Blew Off

Shingles can get ripped off by the wind, and they can also get scraped off if something heavy is blown across your roof in strong wind. Missing shingles should always be replaced promptly so your roof won't leak. A roofer can make these repairs by putting new shingles in place of the old ones so your roof is able to offer full protection from the rain.

Replace Shingles With Hail Damage

Dealing with hail damage could be a different story. If hail pummeled your entire roof, there could be several destroyed shingles that need to be replaced. In that case, a new roof might be needed.

However, if a roofer checks the shingles and only finds a few with damage, then repairs are a good choice. The damaged shingles should be replaced fairly soon after the storm because they could start leaking due to the damage from strong hail strikes that cause cracks and a loss of granules.

Asphalt shingles can tolerate a typical storm with small hail and strong wind. Still, it's always good to look up at your roof after a storm rolls through to check for damage. If a storm is much worse than usual, you may want a roofer to take a look at your roof within a few days so repairs can be done if they're needed.