4 Benefits of Silicone Roof Coating on a Commercial Building

Posted on: 30 September 2020

If you own a commercial building, you more than likely have a flat roof. With a flat roof, you need to protect your roof with the proper roof coating. One of your roof coating options is a silicone roof coating. When it comes to choosing coating materials, a silicone coating offers many benefits.

Benefit #1: Applied in a Single Coat

One of the biggest benefits of applying a silicone coating is that you only need to apply one coat, which reduces labor costs and supply costs. Silicone roof coating is specially engineered so that a thicker coat can be applied without compromising the quality of the coat or compromising the final effectiveness once the coat has completely cured.

If you go with another coating material, such as an acrylic coating, you are going to have to apply multiple coats to get the same level of thickness and coverage you can get from one silicone coat.

Benefit #2: Primer Isn't Necessary

Many types of roof coatings require you to put down a primer first and allow that primer to cure, which means you are going to need to have the commercial roofing team come out twice to your business.

With a silicone coating though, the material can be applied directly to your roof. All you need to do beforehand is power wash your roof so that it is as clean as possible, in order to provide the best surface for the material to adhere to.

However, before skipping the primer step, you should perform an adhesion test to make sure it will stick to your roofing material without a primer. There are a few rare instances in which you may need to apply a primer.

Benefit #3: Safe for the Environment

Next, silicone roof coatings are safe for the environment. They don't contain any solvents, which means that the material on its own is not flammable. The material can still ignite, but only at extremely high temperatures, and the coating will not provide the fuel that will keep a fire going. This makes silicone a great roofing material if you live in a state where wildfires are a concern, such as California.

Additionally, the coating has low VOC levels, which means the coating does not release lots of harmful chemicals into the environment.

Benefit #4: High Performance

Finally, silicone coating is one of the most high-performing coatings you can apply to your commercial roof. The material creates a membrane that is impermeable to water, even when under a lot of pressure, so you will not have to worry about leaks when you use this material on your roof. The coating will also not chalk and deteriorate over time and will maintain it's shape. The recoating time is greater than other coating materials.

When it comes to choosing a coating for your commercial building, be sure to give silicone a serious consideration. A silicone coating can be applied in a single coat, doesn't require any primer, is safe for the environment, and creates a strong protective membrane. For more information about what coating works best for your roofing, contact a local roofing service.