4 Fire-Resistant Roofing Materials

Posted on: 12 October 2020

If you live in a region where wildfires have been a concern and you are getting ready to install a new roof, you will want to use a fire-resistant roofing material. Fire-resistant roofing materials have been tested to withstand exposure to certain heat and fire levels without catching fire themselves. Having a fire-resistant roofing material can increase the chance that your home survives a wildfire in your area.

Asphalt Shingles

At the most basic end of materials that will protect your roof are asphalt shingles. Asphalt shingles can withstand exposure to fire for 2 hours or more before catching fire. This makes them a good option if you live somewhere with wildfire risk.

Concrete & Clay Tiles

Another option for your roof is concrete or clay tiles. Both concrete and clay tiles are incredibly durable, and they are fireproof. They can withstand exposure to extreme heat caused by a fire without sustaining damage. They are considered a Class A roofing material, which is the highest rating a roofing material can receive. The downside to concrete and clay tiles is that they are heavy. If you want to go with this roofing material, you may need to add additional structural support to the roof.


Slate is another tile that is heavy and has a Class A fire rating. They are great if you live in an area at high risk of wildfires. Like concrete and clay tiles, slate is extremely heavy, and you may need to reinforce the supports on your roof before installing this roofing material. A big plus to installing slate is that it is a material that is pretty indestructible, so once you install a slate roof on your home, you will be able to enjoy it for decades.


Finally, if you want Class A fire protection with a material that you will not have to reinforce the structure of your roof to install, you will want to install a metal roof. No matter the material, from stainless steel to copper to zinc, you will be protected against roof-related fires with this material. Metal roofs are lightweight when compared to concrete, clay, and slate roofing materials. They can provide you with fire protection, as well as excellent insulation at an affordable rate.

If you live in an area where wildfires have become a concern, you will want to install a material that will protect your home from the top down against flames. Reach out to a roofer like one at Cloise & Mike Construction Inc for more information about your roofing options.