Commercial Cool Roofing Guide

Posted on: 17 November 2020

If it's time to install a new commercial roof, you have several choices you need to make. One option you should consider for your flat commercial roof is a new cool roof design. The following guide can help you understand the benefits of this choice.

What Is a Cool Roof?

Flat commercial roofs can form a heat sink. The expanse of the roof is typically fully exposed to sunlight, which means it can absorb a lot of heat. A cool roof doesn't absorb heat but instead reflects it away, thus lowering the temperature in the direct environment of your building. This is achieved by applying a light-colored reflective coating to the surface of the roof or by using a light, reflective membrane. Cool roofs are also typically well insulated to further help prevent the absorption of heat into the building.

How Does a Cool Roof Benefit Your Business?

The most obvious benefit of cool roofing is lower energy costs. Since your building will no longer be a heat sink, temperatures inside won't rise as much and your cooling bill will be lower. Further, a reflective cool roof suffers less damage from sun weathering and UV radiation, which can result in less maintenance and repairs. Finally, a cool roof cools more than just your building. Since the effects of the heat sink are reversed, the immediate environment around your building may also be cooler, which can result in healthier landscaping and fewer irrigation needs on the property.

Are There Cost Concerns With Cool Roofing?

A cool roof is comparable in cost to traditional flat commercial roofing. In fact, in some municipalities you may save money by installing a cool roof. Some cities, states, or utility companies provide rebates or tax incentives for businesses that upgrade their roof to a cool roof. These are usually listed under "green initiatives," and they can help offset the cost of the cool roof. This is simply because a cool roof is an environmentally friendly option that benefits the local ecosystem as well as your energy costs.

Does a Cool Roof Require Additional Maintenance?

Cool roofs typically require the same care as any flat roof. Annual inspections and spot repairs of the roofing membrane will keep it in good condition for many years. You may want to clean the roof regularly as well, though, since dark-colored mildew and other debris can reducing the cooling capacity of the roof.

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