3 Signs That Tell When Professional Roofers Should Repair Your Commercial Roof

Posted on: 23 November 2020

Re-roofing a commercial building is not a cheap project. The high roof replacement cost is why many commercial building owners and managers hold on to the existing roofs as long as possible. However, if roof repairs were done in good time, one won't have to replace the roof before it has exhausted its lifespan. Actually, when professional roof repairs are ignored, the roof remains in a state of disrepair—something that can lead to roof collapse, interior damages, and other liabilities.

But before the roof falls completely apart, you will get warning signs that all is not well. Call in a competent roofer for commercial roof repairs when you notice the following symptoms of damage. 

When You Notice Signs of Water Damage Inside the Building

One of the top indicators that your roof is failing is water damage inside the building. Moisture usually indicates that the roof is leaking. Sometimes, the leak is tiny, and you might not notice the damage caused until there is a massive strain on the walls, mold damage, and discoloration on the ceiling. 

The best thing to do is call a professional roofer as soon as you see any unexplained wet patches on the wall and the ceiling. These are often the first indicators that all is not well with your roof. The professional will follow the damage to see whether it originates from the roof and how best they could fix it. 

When You See Bubbles on the Roof Surface

If you can see bubbles on the roof surface, you have a severe roof problem brewing. Bubbles usually form when there is a problem with the initial roof installation. If the roofer did not install the membrane properly, or the ventilation is poor, moisture from underneath the roof will rise through capillary action and form bubbles on the surface.

When you call in a roofing contractor, they will check the extent of the damage and plan how to repair it. The repair might be as simple as replacing the affected shingles. In complicated cases, it may involve re-installing the membrane and other structures that support the roof.

When the Roof is Visibly Sagging

Sagging is an indication of serious structural problems with the roof. Typically, a roof sags because the truss is weak or because the internal components that hold it up to have rotten and disintegrated. Sagging is an indication that the roof can collapse at any given time.

Roof problems can be disastrous in many ways. So, whenever you notice any of the above signs, call in a competent roofer to assess the roof damage and offer professional repairs. With timely commercial roof repairs, you save yourself from higher roof replacement costs.