Faqs Homeowners Often Have Before Gutter Installation

Posted on: 7 January 2021

If your current gutters are leaking, sagging, or showing other signs of damage, then having new gutters installed on your home is surely a smart move. However, this is something that most people will only do once or a few times during their lifetimes. As such, you're probably a bit unfamiliar with the process, and you may have a few questions, including the following.

Where will the gutters be made?

In most cases, the gutters will be made off-site, but they'll be trimmed to the proper size on-site right before they are mounted to your roof. If you are having seamless gutters put on your home, then your gutter contractor will generally bring sheets of stainless steel and a gutter molding machine to your home. They'll then shape the steel into actual gutters depending on your home's measurements. If you have standard, seamed gutters installed, then your contractor will bring long lengths of pre-made gutters to your home, and they will just cut them to measure on-site.

How long will gutter installation take?

Unless you have a really huge home, you can count on the work being done within a day. In fact, most average homes can be fitted with new gutters within a few hours. Some contractors will come out and measure one day, and then return a few days later to actually install the gutters, but the measuring appointment should be brief.

Should the new gutters be installed where the old ones were?

When homeowners ask this question, they are often referring to the downspouts, which are the vertical portions of the gutters that carry water from the root level to the ground. The short answer is "no." When the new gutters are installed, your gutter installer can place the downspouts at different corners. If you have a garden bed that tends to get flooded, or if one of your downspouts empties into a part of your yard that is already wet and low, you may want to have your downspouts moved. Just make sure you bring this up to your gutter contractor well in advance so they can prepare for it when measuring and laying out your new gutter plan.

Hopefully, the content above has answered some of your questions about getting new gutters. If you have any additional questions, ask your gutter contractor. They are typically willing to do an on-site estimate and consultation so that you know exactly what to expect from their services. Contact a gutter installation service for more information.