Sealing Seams On Metal Roofs: Everything You Need To Know

Posted on: 31 March 2021

One of the most frequent services that need to be performed on metal roofs is the sealing or re-sealing of seams. Metal roofs are most commonly made from panels of different types of metal. When these panels come together, they create a seam. Sealing the seam helps to fill in the small gap created where the panels come together. Here is more information about metal roofing seams. 

Why Do Seams Need to Be Sealed on Metal Roofs? 



There is a small gap between the panels that come together to make up a metal roof. Moisture can seep through the tiniest of gaps and affect the layers of roofing below your metal exterior layer. Eventually, the water can make its way through the entire roof system and lead to leaks in your home or business. Sealing the seams helps to fill in the gaps with a sealant, which ultimately helps to keep water and moisture out. 



What Are the Signs Seams Need to Be Re-Sealed? 



When the seams on your metal roof are properly sealed, water will not penetrate the seams. So, you can sprinkle water on the seams of the roof to see if the seams may need to be resealed. If the water disappears into the seam of the roof, your seams need to be re-sealed. If water balls up and sits on the seams, the seams are fine. The seams should be tested in multiple spots on the roof, as the sun can move and affect different areas of the roof differently. 



What Happens if Metal Roof Seams Are Not Sealed? 



If the metal seams are not sealed, water can seep through the crack between metal panels and cause damage. You may notice your metal panels are drifting slightly further from each other, you may encounter algae on the underside of your roof, or you may have leaks that develop in your home or your business. Unsealed seams also shorten the overall lifespan of your metal roofing and can cause your metal roofing to rust or corrode. 



Metal roofing seams need to be sealed when the original sealant begins to wear out. This can vary from roof to roof, based on the exact type of sealing product that was used and the outdoor weather elements that the sealer is exposed to. A metal roofing service can examine the seams on your metal roof and re-seal the seams when needed. Contact a residential roofing repair service like Reitzel Home Improvement today to schedule an appointment to have a metal roof repaired.