Why You May Want To Add Foam Roofing To Your Home

Posted on: 29 April 2021

Polyurethane spray foam roofing has been around and used on commercial roofs for a while but is becoming more popular with residential structures. Spray foam roofing system installation offers some significant benefits for the homeowner and might be something you want to consider if your roof needs repair. 

Understanding Foam Roofing

Foam roofing system installation starts with cleaning the roof and then adding polyurethane foam to the surface. The foam is lightweight and waterproof, and the contractor can apply it directly over the existing roof, eliminating the need for a roof tear-off and saving time and money.

The foam is sprayed on in a liquid form and then expands and cures into one solid sheet of foam, eliminating seams for water to leak through. The foam is strong enough to walk on and will stand up to just about any weather conditions you can throw at it once it is complete. 

Several additional sprayed membranes will cover the foam on the roof, allowing the contractor to add color and some grit to the final coat to make the roof look good and make it easier to walk on if you need to. In some cases, the contractor may even add some aluminum flakes to help reflect the sun and the heat off the roof for you.

Insulating Benefits

When you have a spray foam roofing system installation done on your home, you are adding a significant amount of insulation to the roof at the same time. The foam can act as a barrier to keep heat in during the winter and out during the summer, saving the homeowner on energy costs throughout the year. 

The amount of insulation you will gain from installing the foam roofing system depends significantly on the amount of foam used on the roof, so talk to the contractor to determine how much additional insulation benefit you will see on your home. 

On average, spray polyurethane roofing can provide an R-value of 6.6 per inch of foam on the roof, so when added to the insulation under the roof already, the gains can be significant. 

Installation Speed

The spray foam roofing installation system allows the contractor to install the roof quickly, saving time and cost over traditional roofing. Often, the contractor can install the system in a single day on an average-sized roof. 

If you have a larger home with a lot of complicated angles on the roof, it can take a little longer to complete, but the system can handle the angles and the changing roof shape more efficiently than traditional roofing materials and will seal all the valleys without additional flashing on the roof.