Signs You Need A New Roof

Posted on: 24 June 2022

Homeowners know that the roof is an essential part of their home. When your roof is in good shape, your home is protected from water damage and exposure to other elements. However, as time goes by, your roof starts aging and showing signs of wear and tear; hence, the need for a new roof installation. The following are warning signs your roof needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

Your Roof Has Surpassed a Certain Age

When did you last replace your roof? If it is over twenty years old, consider a new roof installation project in your home. If you had no idea when your roof was last replaced, you could ask a roofing contractor to check. It is advisable to check your roof regularly to avoid any leaks or any excessive damage.

Your Ceiling Has Dark Streaks

The presence of stains and dark streaks in your ceiling is a sign that your roof is leaking. The moisture from the top of your roof can cause stains on your wall, an issue you need to address immediately. Leaks aren't easily noticeable, so if you notice dark colors, it's a sign that water has been penetrating through the roof and should be replaced.

Lost or Broken Shingles

Your roof is constantly exposed to harsh weather conditions such as strong wind and heavy rain, which may tear off your roof's shingles. When there are missing shingles, water can easily penetrate the roof to the layers beneath, causing rotting. Contact a professional for assistance if you notice broken or lost shingles after a storm.

The Shingles Are Bending

As time passes, you may notice your roof's shingles have curled due to wear and tear. Harsh weather conditions and age can also cause curling of the shingles. Remember that the bends will create spaces that will allow water to penetrate through the roof. A specialist should examine the problem to determine whether your roof needs replacement.

Your Roof Is Sagging

Every homeowner should check the condition of their roof to ensure maximum protection of their homes. A sagging roof is a sign your home needs a new roof installation plan. Sagging happens when moisture has been trapped beneath the shingles, causing the roof decking to rot. You can easily tell a sagging roof by looking at it from all angles. If you notice any sign of sagging, consider replacing your roof before further damage is caused to your home.