Reasons To Install Solar Roof Shingles The Next Time You Renovate Your Home

Posted on: 16 September 2022

As the energy cost continues to rise and the climate crisis worsens, more people are considering switching to renewable energy sources like solar to improve their energy efficiency. One innovative solar technology is solar roof shingles, which are fire- and impact-resistant. It means they can withstand impact from different types of debris. Solar roof shingles also offer the following benefits.

They Save You Money

One of the most significant expenses homeowners incur is their energy bills. High energy bills can interfere with your ability to meet other obligations because you cannot afford to live without energy, especially during summers when it is scorching and winters when it is freezing. Thus, you should consider installing solar panel shingles that will generate power and reduce your reliance on energy from a commercial producer, lowering your electric bills.

Moreover, installing these shingles can make you eligible for tax credits and rebates. Some state governments offer tax incentives to encourage people to shift away from fossil fuels and embrace renewable energy. Consequently, you can use the money saved to pay for other expenses or save it for future use. Overall, solar panel shingles are worth considering if you want to reduce your home expenses.

They Are Environmentally Friendly

Most homes get their energy from a utility company that uses fossil fuels like natural gas and coal to generate electricity. Such sources are harmful to the environment since they generate CO₂ that interferes with standard climate patterns, contributing to scorching summers, harsh winters, drought, and other extreme weather events. The emissions from fossil fuels also cause air pollution that contributes to respiratory diseases.

Thus, it is prudent to consider installing solar roof shingles as they are an environmentally friendly source of electricity. The shingles rely on the sun's energy to generate electricity which is a naturally occurring source of energy. Overall, installing solar roof shingles prevents the emission of greenhouse gases to the environment while reducing your carbon footprint. 

They Boost Your Home's Aesthetic Appeal

Conventional solar panels are often bulky and have to be mounted on top of the roof, which can often be unsightly. That discourages some people from installing them since they do not fit into home plans. However, you can opt to install solar roof shingles instead of bulky solar panels. Unlike the panels, which require mounting, solar roof shingles integrate with the roof and blend in. Overall, solar roof shingles do not interfere with the aesthetic appeal of your home's exterior; on the contrary, they help enhance it, resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing home.

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