Often-Missed Signs You Need Post-Storm Roof Repairs

Posted on: 18 November 2022

After a storm, you should always look over your roof for any signs that it needs repairs. The most obvious sign is if the roof is missing some shingles or tiles. Lifted shingles or cracked tiles also indicate the need for repairs. So, if you don't see these problems, do you just assume your roof is fine and move on? Not exactly. There are some other, often-missed signs that indicate you need roof repairs after a storm.

Missing Flashing 

Your roof should have metal sheeting around the chimney and also around any sewer vents that pop through it. This metal sheeting is known as flashing. It is meant to seal the area between the primary roof material and the protrusion to prevent leaks. Sometimes, flashing gets peeled off during a storm, especially if there are high winds. Look around your chimney and vents to make sure there is still flashing present. If you don't see flashing, call your roofer ASAP. Similarly, you need to call your roofer if the flashing is flapping in the breeze, lifted, or bent. Damaged flashing does not offer adequate protection against leaks.

Smooth Areas on the Shingles

Just because shingles are still on the roof does not mean they're in good shape. One of the top signs your shingles were damaged during the storm is the presence of smooth, slightly shiny areas on those shingles. These are areas where the shingles are missing granules. The granules are there to ensure water sheds off the shingles properly. 

Will your roof start leaking immediately because a few shingles are missing granules? No. But those shingles will degrade pretty quickly once those granules are gone, so you need to have a roofer come to replace those damaged shingles soon.

Bent or Damaged Gutters

Some people consider gutters a part of the roof, and others do not. But either way, without good gutters, the rest of your roof is in danger. Gutters drain water from the roof, and without gutters, your roof is more likely to suffer damage and develop leaks. If the gutters are bent, hanging off the roof, or have leaks in them, contact a roofer for repairs.

When inspecting a roof post-storm, remember to be thorough. Don't just look for missing shingles or tiles. Look for spots where the roof is smooth, where flashing is missing, or where gutters are no longer in good shape. Your thoroughness will pay off.

Contact a local roofing service, such as Twin City Roofing Construction Specialists, Inc., to learn more.