3 Things That Affect Whether Roof Coatings Can Extend The Lifespan Of A Commercial Roof

Posted on: 7 December 2022

Most commercial property owners know the importance of having a roof that is in good condition. However, when their roofs age and get closer to the end of their lifespan, they might not be financially ready to get commercial roof replacements. Property owners who have adhered to the recommended maintenance and repairs for their roofing systems likely have the option to get roof coatings.

Coatings are applied to roofing materials to extend their lifespan. They are liquid and can also be used for certain roof repairs. Some roofing materials are incompatible with roof coatings. The following points outline a few things property owners need to know if they are considering a roof coating project.


Some property owners may not fully grasp the intended purpose of roof coatings. They may assume that they can request coatings soon after a commercial roof replacement. However, coatings are best suited for older roof materials. New materials have to settle and are not a good fit for a roof coating. The purpose of applying the coatings to older roofs in decent condition is to give property owners more value from their investment. They have the option to postpone a commercial roof replacement if they get their roofs coated. 

Condition of Roof

It is important to understand that some older commercial roofs are not a good fit for a roof coating. The condition of the roofing materials is paramount. Roof coatings are akin to sealing. If a roof has damage, applying a coating will put a seal over the damage, but it will not solve the issue of poor condition. If the damage is minor, commercial roofers can make repairs and then apply the coating. All moisture issues such as damage or signs of intrusion must be resolved prior to coatings being applied. This is why roofers perform in-depth inspections before agreeing to complete these projects. 


This is a phenomenon that occurs when there is an existing drainage issue. Ponding may lead to moisture intrusion. However, ponding does not mean that there is moisture damage. Commercial roofers can make this determination using a variety of tests such as infrared testing. If damage exists, the extent of it will determine if it is best to proceed with a commercial roof replacement. If roof coatings can be applied, drainage issues will need to be corrected, and the materials must be dry prior to the coatings being applied.

Commercial roofers are a good resource to use to determine if a roof is ideal for roof coatings. They can inspect and make necessary repairs to get roofs that show promise prepared for coatings. Roofers can also provide property owners with an estimate of how long to expect the coatings to last.

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