3 Best Winter Maintenance Tips For Your Commercial Roof

Posted on: 5 January 2023

If you own or manage a commercial building, you should think carefully about roof inspections. As such, get a trusted commercial roofing service company for regular roof maintenance. Note that while such an exercise might seem too costly, it saves you more money in the long term. This is because you spend less on repairs and enjoy the roof for more years when you follow a maintenance routine. Further, prepare for the winter by following these roof maintenance practices.

Make Sure the Roof Can Drain Properly

Your flat roof might collect a lot of water in the wet season. More so, the issue is more common in low-lying areas with irregular roof structures. Also, the cold months are dangerous because of snow accumulation. Note that aging leads to wear and tear and a compromised roof gradient, which becomes the source of pooling water. That said, a commercial roof repair expert will use various tricks to eliminate stagnant water. For example, they might create man-made grooves to channel water into specially designed channels. Further, they can realign the gutters to ensure proper drainage. In severe cases, a seam replacement is crucial to fix the leaky roof and prevent water from accumulating in one area.

Have Someone Clean the Rooftop and Gutters

Cleaning might seem like a maintenance practice you can overlook, but it has massive benefits. You should know that keeping your roof clear of accumulated snow and dirt may do wonders for its durability and longevity. Further, regular cleaning protects the building from the many problems that snow can create. For example, the snow might form a buildup on your roofing material, causing it to sag. On the other hand, foliage and dry leaves accumulate in the gutters during the cold months. If left there, they can block the channels and increase the chances of water puddles. So, have a roofer clear these channels as well.

Get the Roof Treated Against Water Damage

Dams form on flat roofs without sufficient ventilation, which is common in commercial buildings. You must note that snow will freeze any liquid water it encounters. Further, on the days the sun breaks through and warms the roof, the water thaws and creates a pool. That said, roofers specializing in preventative maintenance can implement several techniques to reduce the likelihood of ice dam formation on the surface. For example, they will ensure adequate insulation by sealing all leaks. Also, consider long-term solutions like repairing the roof's underlayment and repairing the ventilation.

These maintenance tips can help you go through the winter without worrying about the state of your commercial roof. So, speak to a competent commercial roofing service contractor to check on your roofing structure before the snow season. Remember, prior roof maintenance can save you from expensive repairs later on.

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