Where And When Do Green/Living Roofs Work Well?

Posted on: 13 February 2023

Green roofs are becoming more common as homeowners seek more eco-friendly alternatives to typical roofing materials. These roofs, which are also called living roofs, consist of large, flat panels of soil with plants rooted in them. Green roofs release oxygen into the atmosphere. They also help absorb pollutants, and they are known for their insulating capabilities. However, green roofs are not the best option for every single home. Here are some key situations in which they work well. 

Your Roof Is Relatively Flat

You can install green roofing on some sloped roofs, but not always on the most sloped roofs. If your roof is flat or close to flat, you may actually have a hard time finding suitable roof materials. Shingles don't always fare well on flatter roofs. Green roofing, on the other hand, does perform well on roofs with low slopes. This layout helps keep the soil in place, and it also helps prevent all the rainwater from running off the roof. (More water will stay in the soil where the plants can use it.)

You Get Plenty of Sun

You don't have to live in the sunniest place ever to get a green roof, but your roof does need to get a reasonable amount of sunlight. This will ensure the plants get enough sunshine to thrive. If only part of your roof receives a good amount of sunshine, then you may be able to have that part fitted with a living roof and use metal panels or tile on the rest of the roof.

You Have Time to Water

In a perfect climate, a living roof might receive enough rainfall to meet the plants' water needs. But it's more common for the roof to need a little water, at least now and then, to keep the plants hydrated. Most living roofs are equipped with irrigation systems so you just have to turn on a dial to water them. But if you travel a lot or have a busy lifestyle, this might be too much for you to handle. Ask a roof replacement service about specific maintenance requirements before having a green roof installed.

Green roofs are popular, so there is likely at least one roofing company installing them near you. Reach out to local roofers and ask them to come take a look at your home. Based on their observations, they can give you more insight into whether a green roof would be a good choice for you.