Interventions To Help Extend The Life Of Your Roof

Posted on: 21 February 2023

Roof maintenance is important because it helps keep your roof in the best possible condition and extend the life of your roof. While there are some things homeowners can do themselves to help keep their roofs in good condition, it may be safer to rely on the professional services of a roofing system maintenance professional. Here are some things that will help keep your roof in tip-top shape.

Cleaning Gutters And Asphalt Shingles

Maintaining the cleanliness of your gutters and shingles is important because debris such as dried leaves can damage the structure if not removed. Over time, debris and dirt can decrease your roof's drainage abilities, leading to moisture buildup and mold. It can also cause the underlying wood to rot. Removing leaves and other debris from your gutters and roof can be done with a broom, however, climbing a ladder and walking on the roof can be dangerous for inexperienced homeowners. Because of this, a roofing professional may be a better option.

A roofing contractor may also do a more efficient job because they have equipment such as special blowers that can quickly and safely clear leaves and debris from the gutters and in between your asphalt shingles. Also, while cleaning your roof and gutters, the roofing professional can inspect your roof for any problems such as holes and missing shingles. 

Assessing Attic Vents

It is essential that you have optimal ventilation in your attic because if it is not properly ventilated, excess humidity will build up. If this happens, mold and bacteria can grow and damage the underlying wood and roof shingles. If mold develops inside your attic and vents, it can get into your ductwork and heating and cooling system. When this happens, mold spores can be blown into your home when you turn on your furnace or air conditioner.

Your roofing professional can check the vents inside your attic to make sure that the air is properly flowing in and out of them. While in the attic, the roofing professional can also inspect it for holes, the presence of animals, animal droppings, and moisture, which can mean that your roof is compromised in some way. 

If you are unable to perform roof maintenance or inspect or attic by yourself, call a roofing maintenance professional or a roofing contractor. Doing so will help add years to the life of your roof and help prevent extensive repairs.