2 Types Of Damage Old Gutters Can Cause To Your Home If They Are Not Replaced

Posted on: 3 April 2023

After a rainstorm passed through your area, you may have noticed that your home's gutters are leaking or have water flowing over the edges. Since you did not notice any leaks inside your home, you may believe that you can put off having the old, worn-out gutters replaced.

However, just because there are no leaks inside your house caused by the gutters, this does not mean that there is no damage being done to your home. Below are a couple of the types of damage your home's old, worn-out gutters can cause if they are not replaced with new ones.

1. Leaks and Backflow Can Cause Water Damage to Your Home's Exterior Siding and Trim 

One way that old gutters can damage your home is when water backflows and starts leaking out of them. Since the water will continue to leak or flow out of the gutters in the same areas, it will start to erode parts of your home's exterior, such as the siding and trim.

Eventually, the water will make its way underneath the outer elements of your home and start causing damage to the walls and insulation. Having the gutters replaced to prevent water damage to your home's exterior can help you avoid these issues in the future.

2. Misaligned or Detached Downspouts Can Lead to Substantial Damage to Your Home's Foundation

Another area where the water from your home's worn-out gutter system can cause damage is to the foundation. Especially as the gutters age, the joints around the downspouts will start to wear down, knocking them out of alignment or even causing them to become detached from the gutters.

Because the downspouts are no longer working properly, the water will pour down and collect around your home's foundation. If the water continues to collect and soak into the structure, it can make the concrete walls of the foundation crack and crumble, which could eventually cause it to shift or even cave in.

When your gutters are old and worn out, the leaks and backflow can cause extensive water damage to your home's exterior siding and trim. The water pouring out of misaligned, partially detached downspouts can also lead to substantial damage and costly repairs for the house's foundation. To keep these types of damage from affecting your house, contact a business that offers gutter replacement services in your area to speak to someone about your options for having new ones installed.

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