4 Tips To Help With Commercial Roof Inspections To Find Hidden Leaks That Cause Damage To Interiors Of Businesses

Posted on: 26 March 2020

There are a lot of problems that you can have with commercial roofing, which why it is important to do routine inspections regularly. You want to look for signs of wear and damage that can lead to leaks and water damage inside businesses. The following tips will help you with inspecting commercial roofing and locating areas that need repairs to stop leaks and damage to businesses:

1. Carefully Inspect Commercial Roof Drain Grates and The Area Around Them for Signs of Wear and Leaks

The first step you want to do when inspecting your commercial roof is checking the drain systems. Look at the drain grates that cover pipes that allow water to flow off the roof. These drain grates can sometimes be blocked by debris and may need to be cleaned. You also want to look for problems near the drains and have worn roofing repaired to prevent leaks.

2. Inspect the Areas with High Foot Traffic or Where Maintenance Paths Have Been Installed on Commercial Roofs

You will also want to inspect areas that get high foot traffic. These are areas that tend to wear more quickly and may develop leaks and need repairs. You will want to have these problems repaired if there are signs of wear and leaks. If your roof has paths or reinforcement in areas that get a lot of foot traffic, then you will want to inspect these areas for signs of damage.

3. Look for Damage Around AC, Refrigeration and Other Commercial Rooftop Mechanical Systems That Can Leak

The mechanical systems of commercial business are often installed on roofs because it is the best place to save space and keep them safe. This can also cause problems as the roofing materials and boots around the mechanical systems that wear with age. Therefore, these are areas that need to be inspected for wear and leaks that need to be repaired before the damage gets worse.

4. Leaking Seams of Roofing Membranes and Problem Areas with Other Commercial Roofing Materials

The seams of roof membranes can also be problems that you need to deal with when it comes to your roofing. These are areas that often leak with modern lightweight commercial building designs. Other materials like asphalt roofing can have leaks in areas that are vulnerable, such as low areas and changes in the roof slope. These are areas that will need to be repaired if there are signs of wear and leaks on your roof.

These are some tips that will help you with inspecting commercial roofs to locate problems before they cause serious damage to your businesses. If your commercial roof is worn or damaged, contact a commercial roof repair service to fix the problem before the damage gets worse and gets inside your business.