Did The Last Storm Damage Your Roof? Things You Will Want To Look For

Posted on: 16 April 2020

Storms can be brutal on residential roofs, especially when there are a lot of storms in a short amount of time. A little damage could be caused by one storm, and before it is discovered, a few more storms roll in, making the problem a lot worse. This is why it is imperative to know what the signs are that you need roofing repairs done after a severe storm hits your town. The sooner you can have roofers on the job, the more protected your home will be from various issues. Here are some of the things you might want to look for.

Missing Shingles

Even if there is just one missing shingle, a lot of water damage to your home can occur. Therefore, you will not want to just look up at one side of your roof and move on thinking that if that part looks fine, all of it looks fine. A small portion of a single shingle could have been torn off during the storm, and that is just as serious of a problem. If you need help inspecting the roof and do not feel comfortable climbing a ladder, you can use the zoom on your smartphone's camera or break out the old pair of binoculars.

Large Branches Sitting On Your Roof

If you have some large trees around your home and the storm caused some large branches to drop on your roof, you will want to call for roofing assistance. Those branches need to be removed, and then the roof needs to be inspected in the areas that were hit by those heavy branches. A roofing contractor can easily do this for you.

Now that you have a better idea of some of the signs that indicate that you have a need for some roofers, you will want to make sure that you are inspecting your home after each major storm that passes through your area. Just make sure that you are waiting until the storm has fully passed before trying to inspect your roof. This is to make sure that you are staying safe. If you suspect that there is a problem but you are not sure as to what because you are having trouble inspecting your roof, call one of the roofing contractors in your area for help. They can do a quick inspection for you and then provide you with a price quote should they notice roofing issues.

To learn more, contact a roofing contractor.