What Should You Do If Your Roof Looks Like It Is Sagging?

Posted on: 11 May 2020

Roofs should appear to be straight and smooth. A few missing shingles are something to deal with, surely, but they are not a major concern as long as you make prompt repairs. When you should be more worried is if you like across the roof and see that the roof appears to be sagging. This is not a good sign; it means the wood underneath the shingles is starting to break down and bow. Here's what you should do if your roof is sagging.

1. Call a roofing contractor; don't wait.

Some minor roofing issues can afford to wait a few weeks or a few months. This problem can't. The sagging is only going to get worse over time, and not only will it lead to leaks, but it may be dangerous. A sagging roof is more likely to collapse under the weight of snow or if a tree branch falls on it. When you call the roofing company, make sure you specifically tell them that your roof is sagging. They will likely send someone out to take a look within a few days because they, too, understand the urgency of the situation.

2. Move anything prone to water damage out of the attic.

If you don't already have a major leak, one is likely on the horizon once it rains again. Venture into your attic, and remove anything that is prone to water damage. If the items are moldy, which means they have already been exposed to moisture up there, make sure you clean them before letting them sit in your living area. If you can see any distinct spots where water is leaking in, then place a bucket or tub under the leaky area to catch the drops.

3. Stay out of the area beneath the sagging during storms.

Until your roofing contractor is able to come out, make sure you stay away from the part of the home where the roof is sagging whenever it's storming or windy outside. The risk of roof collapse may not be all that high if the sagging has just begun, but you're better off safe than sorry. If your roof is sagging on all sides, it might be a good idea to seek shelter elsewhere during the storm.

A sagging roof is essentially a roofing emergency, so make sure you treat it as such. Talk to a provider of roof repair services learn more.