A Guide to Metal Roof Repair

Posted on: 23 July 2020

Metal roofing is one of the most durable choices for the roof of your home. If you have a metal roof, you want to be aware of potential problems and the repairs that your roof will need. Problems can be due to things like storm damage, wear, and debris. The following guide to metal roof repair will help you deal with problems on your roof to ensure roofing materials last for years.

Metal Finish Damage That Needs Repairs—Different types of metal roofing can be installed on your home. Today, one of the most common materials are powder-coated metal roofs. These are roofing materials that have an attractive protective coating, which can be damaged by debris and other problems. Some of the damage to powder-coat finishes that you will want to look for on your roof include:

  • Chips in powder coating
  • Deep scratches from debris
  • Areas of finishes flaking or peeling

The damage to the finish of your metal roofing can be repaired if you notice it in time and have repairs done before corrosion problems start. Repair damage to the finish before it spreads and causes roofing materials to decay.

Storm Damage Problems With Metal Roofing—The metal roof on your home is vulnerable to storm damage. If your roof is damaged in a storm, it may be difficult to see. However, these issues worsen over time. Some of the problems you want to look for when inspecting metal roofing for storm damage include:

  • Finish damage due to hail and heavy rains
  • Wind damage and metal materials moving
  • Damage to metal roofing due to wind-blown debris

Inspect the roof of your home after severe weather for these signs of storm damage.

Damage to Rubber Gaskets, Flashing, and Boots—There are many rubber components of metal roofing that help seal the roof and prevent leaks. These materials are vulnerable to decay, wear, and damage. Therefore, you need to inspect parts like rubber washers around fasteners, rubber flashing, and the boots around mechanical vents for wear. Replace any of these rubber materials that are showing signs of wear and decay to prevent roof leaks and damage.

Routine roof inspections and timely repairs will help ensure your metal roofing lasts for years. If you have located problems with your roof that need to be repaired, contact a roof repair service, like JCB Roofing, to fix them before they cause wear and damage to your home.