3 Signs That Indicate Your Home Needs Prompt Roofing Repair

Posted on: 31 July 2020

Your asphalt roof will probably need repairs occasionally over its lifespan. By keeping up with these repairs, your roof can have a longer life, and this lets you put off the need for a roof replacement. If you're unsure if your roof needs to have work done, call a roofer to check the shingles, flashing, deck, and soffit to see if they're in good shape. Sometimes, it's easy to tell when your roof is in trouble. Here are three signs that indicate you should have roof repairs done right away.

1. Your Roof Seems To Be Sagging

You may think you're looking at an optical illusion when it appears that your roof is sagging. However, a sagging roof is an indication the deck is rotted, and it's a clear sign your roof needs to be repaired. Sagging can happen when water gets under the shingles and gets the roof deck wet. As the deck becomes water damaged, the deck gets weak and starts to sag.

Don't walk on your roof when it looks saggy or feels spongy under your feet. Instead, call a roofer to assess the damage. As long as the rotting is confined to a small area of your roof, the contractor may be able to make repairs by pulling off the damaged shingles, cutting out the water-damaged deck, and replacing them with new decking and shingles.

2. You See Water Stains On The Ceiling

Water stains aren't always a sign of a bad roof. Plumbing leaks can cause water stains too. It's important to uncover the cause of a leak that leaves stains on the walls or ceiling so the right repairs can be done. When your roof leaks, water may eventually stain the ceiling or cause water to drip from the ceiling when it rains. However, a roof leak can also flow straight down between the walls and be hidden. You might see water damage to your walls or floor.

Water that leaks behind a wall can be serious since the water might contact electrical wiring or cause mold to grow in your home. When you see signs of a roof leak, have repairs done as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more damage you'll have to have repaired.

3. Shingles Are Missing

Strong winds can rip shingles off your roof. Missing shingles should be replaced right away. If they're not, rain can damage the deck and find its way inside your attic. If shingles are replaced right after a storm, that may be the only roof repairs needed. If you delay, the contractor might need to replace part of the underlayment and deck too, and you might even have to pay for repairs to your attic or home due to water damage.

Contact a roofing repair contractor to learn more.