Beyond Shingle Replacement: Other Common Roof Repairs

Posted on: 10 August 2020

When you think of roof repairs, what comes to mind? Most people picture a roofer replacing damaged shingles or maybe applying some tar to torn shingles. Surely, this is one type of roof repair, but it is not the only type of repair that roofers make. Here are four other types of roof repairs that may be needed if you're having trouble with leaks and other damage.

Sewer Vent Boots

Did you know that your plumbing system vents out of your roof? Most plumbing systems have at least one sewer vent that emerges through the roof. A piece of metal, called a boot, surrounds the vent and makes sure water does not seep between the vent and the shingles. If this boot becomes rusty, loses a nail, or gets pried up from the roof's surface by freeze-thaw cycles, then water can start to leak in around it. Since boots are inexpensive and easy to install, most roofers just replace them when they're damaged rather than trying to fix them.

"Shiner" Nails

When roofers attach shingles to the roof, they aim to pound those nails down into the roof trusses. Sometimes they miss and a nail goes through the boards that basically form the ceiling of the attic. This is called a shiner nail, and water can leak in around it. A roofer can remove the nail, drive one into the truss in its place, and apply some tar or cement to the left-behind hole to keep more water from seeping in.

Loose Roof Vents

Your roof contains multiple vents that allow air and heat to escape from the attic. If these vents become loose, perhaps because the metal gets bent or some nails fall out, water may seep in around them, and ice may pool around their edges. A roofing contractor may caulk around the edge of a loose vent or just replace it, depending on the extent of the damage.

Rusted Steel Flashing

Flashing is the metal that goes around a chimney. If you have a roof with multiple peaks and valleys, there could also be some flashing in the valleys. These days, most flashing is made from aluminum, but if you have an older roof, the flashing could be made from steel, which means it will eventually rust and start leaking. Your roofing contractor can replace it at this point.

Roof repair contractors do a lot more than replace shingles. One day, you might need one of the other repairs listed above. Contact a company that handles residential roof repair in your area to learn more.