How Roof Inspection Services Use Modern Tech to Identify Serious Issues

Posted on: 1 March 2021

The regular inspection of roofs on buildings is important to catch problems that need to be repaired. Today, a lot of technology can be used to inspect the surface of the roofing and identify problems that need to be repaired. The following guide will help you with using technology to do your roof inspections:

Using Drones to Identify Problems

There are a lot of problems that can be identified with roofing materials. Today, many different software solutions can be used in combination with drones to analyze issues found during an inspection. Drone technology not only provides a clearer picture of the condition of roofing materials but also provides many other benefits. For instance, drones are a safer solution to inspect the condition of your roof. There is also a lot of modern imaging solutions that can help better assess the condition and design of roofs. This allows for quick analysis of a roof to choose the repairs and improvements that need to be done.

Imaging to Identify Water Damage and Energy Loss 

Options for imaging are another benefit of inspecting your roof using drones. Different types of cameras and imaging software can identify problems with roofing. The use of thermal cameras can identify issues like water damage and energy loss where repairs are likely needed. The imaging can allow you to spot these problems because they are visibly different once the images are put together. This also allows you to spot problems that may get overlooked using other more traditional roof inspection methods.

Mapping to Locate Low Spots and Problem Areas

The cameras and images can also be used to map the surface of the roof. Accurate imaging and data collection will allow you to analyze the surface of roofing for low spots, water traps, and other problems that may need to be corrected. You can also use the maps to identify areas where the roof can be improved. The roof mapping is great for redesigning the surface and helps with issues that cause excessive wear and damage. In addition to the roof, mapping can also be used to identify the best areas to install mechanical systems and identify other problems on large rooftops.

These are some of the options to consider for inspecting your roof using modern technology. Contact a drone roof inspection service to ask about using drones to inspect the surface of roofing for signs of wear and damage.