The Basics of Caring for Your Commercial Roof

Posted on: 6 July 2021

If your business's roof starts to experience significant problems, it could lead to major losses for the business as well as potentially forcing it to close while structural repairs are being made. Understanding the needs of your commercial roof is essential.

Manage the Runoff From the Roof

The runoff from heavy rain hitting the roof is one of the most important factors to address. When the runoff is not controlled, it can be possible for large puddles to form on the roof itself or for the runoff to damage the sides and foundation of the building. Some upgrades can be made to improve the ability of rainwater to run off the roof as well as providing you with a great deal of control over where it is deposited on the ground.

For example, it is possible to elevate the center of the flat areas of the roof so that water will have a difficult time collecting in puddles. Also, you can opt for gutters and downspouts that are designed to deposit the water that is collected at least several feet away from the building. This can help to reduce the risk of the water seeping into the basement, foundation, or other low areas of the building.

Determine if You Can Replace the Roof Without Removing the Old Layer of Roofing

One of the most invasive types of work that you will need to do for your building is to have the roof replaced. This is an unavoidable project that will be needed when the roof reaches the end of its life due to wear or it suffers too much damage to be effectively repaired. In situations where the roof is only being replaced due to routine wear, it may be possible to replace the roof without the need to have the previous layer removed. This is done through the process of reroofing, which will essentially involve laying an additional layer of roofing materials over the exterior of the roof. This can provide the advantages of replacing the roof while avoiding much of the work and cost that is involved with a complete replacement.

Ask About Upgrades That Can Increase the Overall Durability of Your Roof

You can help to extend the lifespan of your roof by applying a sealant to it that will lock out water. Also, making it a point to regularly clean the roof can increase its durability as it will remove materials before they can cause rot and other damage to the surface of the roof. These two simple steps can help you to minimize the amount of roof work that your business's building will require over the years.

To learn more about maintenance, contact a commercial roofing company.