Roof Repairs Your Home Could Need When Rain Leaks In Your Attic

Posted on: 8 December 2021

If your home has a musty odor and you can't find any mold to tell you where the odor is coming from, don't forget to check your attic. The problem might be a roof leak that's encouraging mold to grow in the attic and on the insulation. Roof leaks need prompt repairs since they can lead to rotting and mold.

While you could try DIY roof repairs, it may be best to hire a roof repair contractor so you know the leak is repaired properly and that no leaky areas were missed. Here are some repairs that might be needed when your roof is leaking into your attic.

Replace Cracked Rubber Boots

If your attic has vents that go through the roof, the roofer will probably check the rubber boots around the vents to make sure the rubber hasn't deteriorated and cracked. The rubber wears out over time due to sun exposure, and when it cracks, rain can leak in and drip down the vent pipe and get in your attic.

Repairing this problem involves pulling off the old boot and sliding on a new one. The new rubber boot should last for many years and may even last for the remainder of your roof's life.

Replace Deteriorated Underlayment

The underlayment is placed on top of the roof deck and under the roofing. Its purpose is to act as a shield that keeps rain off of the deck if rain gets under the shingles, panels, or tiles. Underlayment lasts many years and is replaced when you get new shingles on your roof. However, if you have a tile roof that lasts for decades, the underlayment might deteriorate long before the tiles do.

When that happens, the roofer might need to take off the roofing tiles to get to the old underlayment and remove it. Then new underlayment can be put on. However, if the underlayment is just bad in one area, the roofer might only remove tiles in that area and patch in new underlayment.

Repair Cracks And Holes In Roofing

Repairing damaged shingles, tiles, or metal panels is an important step in repairing a roof leak. Roofing can develop cracks and holes that let rain leak on the deck and into your attic. In addition to replacing or repairing the roofing, the roof repair contractor might need to replace metal flashing or replace part of the deck if it is rotted due to rain exposure.

UV rays, rain, and wind can cause damage to roofing over the years, and so can animals that gnaw through the roof. It's important to keep watch for roof damage and leaks so you can quickly call in a roof repair contractor to stop the leak before a lot of water damage occurs.

For more information, reach out to a roof repair contractor.