Rubber Roofing Problems That Your Business May Encounter

Posted on: 17 May 2022

For many businesses, rubber roofing systems can be a cost-effective and durable solution for providing their buildings with roofing. While rubber roofing can be an option that can last for decades, there are still some potential problems that a business may encounter with this particular commercial roofing system.

Ponding Water Can Pose Problems For Rubber Roofing Systems

Ponding water is a problem that can be easy to overlook. While the ponding water is unlikely to cause immediate leaks, this is an issue that can gradually degrade the rubber roofing. As the rubber roofing degrades, it will be more vulnerable to developing leaks, cracks and other problems that could be costly to repair. This most often occurs as a result of the moisture causing the rubber surface to become increasingly brittle. If ponding is occurring on your roof, it will need to be addressed by either improving the drainage for the roof or filling in the lower-lying areas where the water is collecting.

Blisters Can Indicate That A Rubber Roof Is Approaching The End Of Its Usable Lifespan

Rubber roofing that is approaching the end of its lifespan will start to develop severe blistering. This blistering can occur as a result of moisture seeping under the surface of the rubber. As the moisture heat and evaporates, it can greatly expand in size, which can lead to these blistering developing. Effectively roof maintenance can help to reduce this problem, but it is an issue that most rubber roofing systems will experience when they are at the end of their usable life. Fortunately, rubber roofing can be a quick style of roofing to install, and this can make replacing a worn-out rubber roof a quick process for most businesses.

Small Leaks In A Rubber Roof Can Often Be Patched At The Location Of The Leak's Source

Small leaks are an issue that almost any style of roofing can experience. Despite the fact that rubber roofing systems can be among the most resistant options against leaks, it is still an issue that can have the potential to develop. Fortunately, it is possible to patch most sources of small roof leaks so that this common problem can be addressed in an affordable but reliable way. Often, the most difficult part of this process will be finding the source of the leak as these openings can be very small, and they may even be located relatively far from where the visible leak in the structure is occurring.

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