4 Benefits Of Choosing High-Quality Shingles For A New Residential Roof Installation

Posted on: 27 March 2023

Shingles are the most popular roofing material installed on homes today. They come in an assortment of colors, and they're more affordable than other roofing materials. This makes them an attractive choice when it is time for a new roof installation. Individuals should be aware that not all shingles are created equally even if they are made by the same manufacturer. They should aim to buy the best quality for their budgets. The following points highlight the top reasons to choose high-quality shingles.

Reduce Outside Sound

High-quality shingles can reduce the noise and loudness of outdoor activities. This can make being at home more pleasant for individuals who get irritated by noisiness. Some individuals find it difficult to go back to sleep if they wake up due to loud noises. Investing in high-quality shingles can promote a better night's sleep for them.

Flexible Design Options

There are a variety of style designs for shingles. This allows homeowners to display their own individuality and make their homes have a good curb appeal. Each home is differently designed in most communities. Individuals can choose from an array of colors to boost their curb appeal. 

Wind Resistance

This is an important factor. A new roof installation project is an investment. Homeowners should think about the type of weather that usually occurs in their areas. Some regions have seasonal weather that involves high winds. Selecting low-quality shingles could result in blowoffs. Wind resistance is determined by how many mph iff wind shingles can withstand. 

Fire Resistance

Many individuals may think that they will never have a house fire. However, this tragedy can happen to anyone, there are various factors that cause fires to occur. High-quality shingles can catch on fire. However, the loss is less likely to be a total loss. The fire rating of shingles is indicative of how quickly flames may spread. Low-quality shingles can cause a house fire to spread quickly at the most important level of protection. A burning roof can spread flames in a matter of minutes, which may impact attempts to vacate a home.

A roofer is a good resource to use to learn more about roofing materials. They can help homeowners compare materials and warranties. Shingles may be designed differently, which may impact the installation time. Easier installations will likely result in projects being completed sooner. This can save homeowners money on their roofing installation projects because labor is a part of the total cost. 

For more information on residential roof installation, contact a professional near you.